- Butterflies show us how we can go within ourselves to dissolve old
forms, rebuilding and evolving ourselves. They are e metaphor for
transformation and change -

For a very long time I didn’t knew where my life should be heading. I did what was expected of me, went to work a job without passion and lived my life without a plan or a specific direction. That all changed when I saw an exhibition of a well known hyperrealistic artist a couple of years ago. At that moment something shifted in me and a little fire started burning in my heart. This is what I wanted to be able to do as well and make a living with my art! Before that moment I was just a hobbyist and didn’t took my artistic skills very seriously. I kicked myself and said: “I can do this!” 

And so I did. I went to see many exhibitions and museums to see how the paint had hit the canvas. I studied the techniques of oil painting and with falling and getting up again I learned myself how to paint realistic artworks. 

I want to be the best version of myself and therefore I will never stop learning. My every day drive is to deliver high quality art for my customers so that they can enjoy their artwork for many years and beyond. 

I poor my heart and soul in every artwork I make and although it’s always hard to let one go, the enthusiastic responses from clients is always very fulfilling and also the reason that I create art.

I hope you will enjoy the artworks on my site. 

Charlotte van der Cingel