~ Butterflies show us how we can go within ourselves to dissolve old forms, rebuilding and evolving ourselves. They are a metaphor for transformation and change ~  

From a young age I had a strong opinion about injustice, even though I didn’t really knew then what real unjust looked like, growing up as a white privileged girl. That all changed rather quickly when I joined the police force at age 19 and stept out of my safe environment of which I grew up in. Being a woman I felt I had to work harder to show what I was made off. But that alone is nothing compared to the woman I helped and talked to over the years who were suppressed, raped, harassed and beaten. Not only by strangers but more so by the one she loved the most. I never understood why she just didn’t leave or why she went back to him again. Now I know it’s not as easy as it seems for the outsider. There is so much to it. 

We as people often judge and discrimonate other people just for the simple reason that they are not from the same religion, culture, upbringing, gender or color. That’s unfortunately how I was raised and know from my own experience that we must look beyond what we where taught and avoid to be narrow minded. I broke the cycle in my own family when I fell in love with a black man and forced them to look beyond what they also have been taught. 

Through my art I want to raise awareness about woman’s rights, racism and, off course, all human rights around the world.. Therefore the main focus of my art lies in painting the portraits of the people who stood up for those rights, even if they had to pay with their life for it. I portray the woman whom’s face I had never seen but stood by as a police dispatcher on the phone in her moments of absolute fear for her life or well-being. For me they represent the woman all around the world that are been silenced and perhaps need just that one person that reaches out a hand. Let us reach out our hand to the one that needs yours and start to be the one that breaks the cycle of what you have been taught your whole life. That’s the only way to make this place a better one to live in. 

 Charlotte van der Cingel