how does that work?

Well…if you are not completely sure about what you want then prior to the commission I come to your home to see what colors are in your home, how the interior looks and off course you can tell me your wishes. We can talk about the colors, sizes and subjects. Once I am home I am going to do a shoot so I will have my reference photos where I work from. Once I have the right composition and colors I want to use I’ll let you in on that and you tell me if that makes you happy or not. Once we have an agreement on that I make sure I will have the painting ready within 3 months with the first layer of varnish to protect the painting. About a half year later I pick up the painting for the finishing varnish that will protect the painting from dust and direct sunlight  many years to come. 

Each custom artwork comes with a certificate of authenticity for proof of value.

I would love to make your art dream come true!